Who are we?

ARIAS Consulting will assist you in your information systems projects.

Our teams of consultant engineers are involved in assisting with contracting out and project management in the IT professions.

We will assist you throughout the development of the lifecycle of an IT project whether technical or functional, based on agile methodology in order to be closer to your requirements.

Innovation, performance, reliability and fair cost are the key words that guide us and ensure the success of each assignment you entrust to us.

The power of proximity

We mainly operate in eastern France and in neighbouring countries (Germany - Benelux), and when projects require it, we will assist you throughout the world. Our proximity, our constant adaptability and our market knowledge are major assets in the service of our clients and our employees.

ARIAS Consulting is a member of a group of companies: we rely on our partners to offer you comprehensive and fully integrated solutions.

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Why choose us?

Promoting the success of your projects by associating it with our staff development, such is the challenge and desire of our company.

We focus our dynamism and determination on the success of your projects, through the provision of our expertise and our outreach. To do this, we actively support our consultants in their success and their career development.

As a company that is on a human scale, proactive and attentive to a market undergoing constant technological change, ARIAS Consulting offers innovative solutions and proven expertise, through its teams of consultants who are always motivated to take on ever-greater challenges.

Aware that economic, human and environmental issues are decisive for the competitiveness of a business, we strive to listen to your requirements and analyse them in detail to build custom-made, tailored and efficient solutions.

People at the heart of each project

ARIAS Consulting' success is based on men and women, employees and clients, who every day write the story of the company and make it successful.

Our employees are a human capital and a portfolio of expertise

Because of our team of consultants and managers, we have a capital of proven expertise, offering you solutions tailored to your needs. We strive to recruit our employees both for their technical skills in connection to the requirements of our clients' projects and for their human qualities, in connection with our corporate values.

ARIAS Consulting is a genuine human sized company, which gives us agility to respond to a market with changing requirements and a usability that promotes exchanges, emulation and the involvement of our employees. We put every effort into supporting them in their professional development within the company in order to meet their increase in competence and their development.

Our clients, a strong partnership rich in experiences

The value and reliability of our consultants and managers are a major asset to meet your requirements. Professionalism, commitment and respect are basic values advocated within our engineering company and applied throughout our projects.

Every day our employees deliver the best on projects that are entrusted to them. This constant commitment is a guarantee that we give you. The concern for a job well done, the satisfaction of a well-led project, the pleasure of good relations, internally and externally, these are the qualities that we offer.


Our value philosophy 

This is the keystone of our values. Excellence translates into the technological, methodological and organisational mastery of our business, combined with a constant quest for performance. On a daily basis our teams deploy their energy to achieve excellence, both in projects carried out and in the relations with our clients. ARIAS Consulting trains its employees to master technological developments and ensure innovative expertise.

We commit ourselves to the quality of the service we deliver, the upstream consulting phase, the delivery of the custom-made solution that has been recommended and to the acceptance of the solution. Our teams lead the project rigorously and proactively, accountable to the client for its advances and if necessary provide revisions for improvement. This proximity enables us to demonstrate flexibility when leading your projects and when there are changes to the requirements in the specifications. Our teams are committed to becoming fully involved regardless of their level of intervention in the phases of a project and ensure their success.

Whether partners or employees this is the crux of the matter in both easy and difficult times. Since its inception, ARIAS Consulting has earned the trust of its partners through this transparency which allows it to manage difficulties more calmly and anticipate them.

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Our team

ARIAS Consulting is first and foremost a story of people: employees who have shared values, shared ambitions and a taste for a challenge.

Our teams are composed of engineering graduates from top universities and experienced technicians, and bring their expertise and always deliver their best on projects they are entrusted with.

Their common goal: to bring you a technical and economic solution that is adapted to your requirements.

The team is organised into three complementary services:

Engineering technology
A team of consultant engineers and experienced technicians in charge of defining, specifying, creating, developing, testing, accepting and leading projects with a highly innovative character.

Business engineering
A management team with double skills - technical and business development, on the one hand in charge of detecting new talents and assisting its consultants' improvement in competence, and, secondly, to identify new projects to assist our clients in their development and contribute to their success.

Administrative management & HR
Supporting technical engineering and business engineering teams, a service with skills in personnel management, sales administration, supporting training and career management.

Senior management, always assisting all its employees and providing proximity to all its services.

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Our story


founded in 2007, specialising in information systems. It assists in project management and contracting out in the IT field, both technical and functional. ARIAS Consulting is involved with the entire development cycle of an IT project with its clients in the tertiary and industrial sectors. Thanks to the desire of its leader Yoan Forget to keep the company to a human size, the company extends over a limited geographical area.

Since its inception, ARIAS Consulting has been joined by several companies, organised into groups of businesses :

Founded in 2005, this is an engineering company that is involved in systems engineering projects, in the fields of mechatronics, mechanics, electrics, automation, electronics and embedded systems. It takes part in the development of clients located mainly in the eastern part of France and in neighbouring countries (Germany - Benelux), it assists them abroad when projects require this.

joined the group in 2006 and was founded in 1996, specialising in mechanical engineering and peripheral trades. It offers several solutions to its clients: client on-site service and "outsourced" services within its research department (Technical Assistance, Service Centre, Turnkey package). MAIA Entreprises covers north-eastern France, Benelux and Germany.

founded in 2015, also developing in the fields of mechanical engineering and peripheral fields (project management, improvement, quality, supply chain, purchasing, etc.) and offers services at the client's site. MAIA Engineering is developing over a geographical area based on the Lorraine, Benelux and more widely in the Rhône-Alpes region and France in general..

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Our meetings 2016 - Schools/Companies Forum

Nos rencontres 2016 : forums écoles / entreprises
  • Recruitment forum organised by EPITECH in Strasbourg on Saturday 4 February
  • Student and business meetings at the UTBM in Belfort on Friday 11 March
  • Jobs Forum SUPINFO Strasbourg, Wednesday, 16 March
  • EXIA.CESI's IT careers forum in Lingolsheim, Saturday 19 March
  • Student/business forum ENSIIE/UNISTRA in Illkirch, Thursday 31 March

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